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Last year, football juggling phenom Séan Garnier starred in a ‘Youtube’ video which features him showing off his footwork while embarrassing young teens and overweight, middle-aged men who stepped up to challenge him. To accentuate Séan’s incredibly fast-paced trickery, ‘Insane Football Skills’ used the Ugly Duckling song ‘Sprint’ in their montage which resulted in nearly 20 million people viewing the clip; that’s almost four Finlands. Of course, there’s no need for them to thank us for giving their soccer shenanigans all of that exposure, we were happy to help.

During my freshman year at Glendale College, I played basketball for the school and in the fall of 1994, our coach hired us out as extras for the silly sit-com ‘Hanging With Mr. Cooper’. One day, in lieu of a grueling practice, me and the other ‘Vaqueros’ joyfully hopped into a 15-seater van and drove to ABC studios in nearby Burbank to make our television debuts. We were all generally familiar with the show starring Mark Curry, a comedian and basketball enthusiast, and we were told that we’d be pretending to compete with him and his guest-star, NBA hall-of-famer Reggie Miller. If you watch the video, you can spot me in very small shorts and a shaved head playing fake defense and if you look very closely, you’ll see e give Mark Curry a nice little forearm shot.

In December of 2013, Ugly Duckling traveled to a tiny island called Guam to perform at ‘The West Coast Invasion’, a Hip-Hop festival which also featured ‘The Pharcyde’ and Opio of ‘Souls of Mischief’.  Leading up to the event, all the artists participated in an incredibly embarrassing press conference and autograph-signing appearance to which no one showed up; and I mean NO ONE.  Enjoy this cringe-inducing moment in time and, if you want to know the entire tragically comedic story, read my article ‘THE WORST PRESS CONFERENCE IN HISTORY’.

In 2014, I created the theme music for a UK television series called ‘MC Hammer’s Big Shot Academy’, a clip-show starring the fast dancing man in gigantic trousers. When I turned in the music to ‘Rough-Cut TV’ (the production company), they asked me to write lyrics for Hammer to tape at a later time so, ever compliant, I put together a quick demo version of the theme-song and did my best impression of the iconic 90’s Rap star. For whatever reason, Hammer never got around to recording his parts so Rough-Cut opted to use my demo vocals; probably why the show got cancelled.

 ‘Turn It Up (Live)’ was filmed during a 2012 Ugly Duckling tour of the UK. We were hoping to capture the atmosphere of a raucous UD club show and convince our Long Beach friends that we have fans in Europe. Tom Gammage filmed all of the action and Justin Ridge edited that footage in his Glendale studio with me looking over his shoulder asking stupid questions. Believe it or not, there was almost ten hours worth of video to choose from and, sadly, this was the best we could do which demonstrates how difficult it is to make Ugly Duckling look good. That said, the clip contains a few magic moments and the laundry being done at the end is actual, real-life washing.