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THE ELVIS FILES (#006): Suspicious minds think alike

Tricky Dick' and 'Mister Hips'

Tricky Dick’ and ‘Mister Hips’

The year was 1970.  Vietnam War protesters paraded through the streets with tie-dyed clothing, unwashed hair and scraggly beards.  College students gathered on campus lawns to shout rebellious slogans, play acoustic guitars and overuse the word “Man”.  Policemen were the bad guys, bad guys were the heroes and, all of a sudden, women had opinions; Elvis decided he needed to save America

Today's airlines won't even give you a pillow let alone letterhead

Today’s airlines won’t even give you a pillow let alone letterhead

At this point in Elvis’s life, Presley was quietly transitioning from celebrity hip-shaker into his new role as an ultra-secret, vigilante, super-agent dedicated to cleaning up a fallen society.  He had become a karate master (see file #002), owned dozens of firearms (file #003) and wielded official police ID’s (file #005) from all over the nation but there was something missing from his arsenal; the ‘Federal Narcotics Badge’.  “The ‘narc badge’ (issued by the ‘Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs’) represented some kind of ultimate power to him,” recalled Presley’s former wife Priscilla, “With it, he believed he could legally enter any country wearing guns and carrying any drugs he wished”.  To secure this special shield, Elvis decided to go straight to the top.

On December 21, Presley boarded a red-eye flight to Washington DC and, at 6:30am, dropped a handwritten note (see image) in the white house mailbox addressed to President Richard Nixon.  Elvis wrote, “Sir, I can and will be of any service that I can to help the country out. I would love to meet you”.  Presley’s letter also mentioned that he could be contacted at the Washington Hotel under the alias ‘Jon Burrows’ and closed by asserting, “I will be here for as long as it takes to get the credentials of a federal agent.”  When Nixon, a famously paranoid man, heard about this request, he was skeptical but curious and agreed to meet Elvis figuring the strange summit would be, at the very least, a nice photo-op with a celebrity supporter; something every politician loves.


Elvis showing Nixon and Krogh his badge collection


A few hours later, just after 12pm, Elvis was summoned to the White House and escorted into the Oval Office by Presidential liaison Egil Krogh, Nixon nodded “Hello”.  Krogh later recalled, “Elvis toldNixon he thought the Beatles had been a real force for anti-American spirit (file #004) and that he’d been studying the drug culture and communist brainwashing of Hippy culture”.  The king went on to assure the president that he was “On his side” and then, after taking a deep breath, Elvis made his formal request for the Federal Narcotics Badge

Nixon should have shot his tape recorder

Nixon should have shot his tape recorder

that he so desperately desired.  Nixon asked his staff member, “Can we get him a badge?”  Krogh responded that they could indeed and the president ordered it done.  “In a surprising, spontaneous gesture,” Krogh recounted, “Elvis put his left arm around the president and hugged him”.  Presley then handed the president a specially engraved, World War Two-era, Colt .45 pistol as a gesture of his tremendous appreciation; the secret service was not pleased. 

Elvis Presley had finally obtained his holy grail and all the authority that came with it but what would he do with this new-found power?  To find out, keep reading the Elvis files!

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