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THE ELVIS FILES (#005): Badges

Elvis Presley began his career as a handsome, Mississippi boy singing ‘Rockabilly’ and ‘Rhythm andElvis_Badge2cx Blues’ but, at some point, he became the biggest star in the world.  His mere photograph provoked emotional reactions from millions of fans and his actual presence set off chaotic frenzies.  With that in mind, it is, in my opinion, understandable that an individual who had such a powerful impact on the public would come to think that he or she was quite “Special” but Elvis Presley, as with most things, took egomania to a whole ‘nother level, mama.  In fact, Elvis actually became convinced that he was a high-powered, black belt (see file #002), government super-agent who was assigned to fight crime and save America; that’s not an exaggeration… 

One way he was able to confirm this idea in his own mind was with his collection of beautiful, golden, police badges.  Due to his constant need for safety and security, Elvis often found himself in the company of law enforcement professionals and, as you can imagine, these folks were more than happy to hang with an iconic celebrity.  ‘The King’ was willing to chit-chat, pose for photos and sign autographs for the policemen’s teenage kids but, in return, he expected a shiny, official, department-issued, goody so when Elvis left the building, he left with a shield.  As time went on, Elvis acquired badges from police forces that spanned the United States so, from Presley’s perspective, he was the most powerful cop in America.  Being an entertainer was his cover rather than his career. 

elvis and the copsAfter years of accumulating these medallions from countless cities, districts and counties, Elvis set his mind to possessing the ultimate badge which, he was told, would give him unlimited power to carry firearms and drugs as he saw fit, to arrest and detain criminals with impunity, and, most importantly, to cross international borders whenever called by his duties as a national vigilante with a license to kill.  The ‘Federal Narcotics Badge’ was given out by the ‘Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs’ in Washington DC and this particular shield would not be so easy to obtain.  In order to win his ultimate prize, Mr. Presley needed to go to Washington.  In 1970, He began writing a letter to the president… 

To be continued in file #006
For a look at some Elvis badges, click this link:

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