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THE ELVIS FILES (#004): You ain’t no friend of mine


Me against England

When ‘Beatlemania’ erupted in 1964, Elvis Presley was, outwardly, supportive of ‘The Fab Four’.  Presley sent the newly famous lads a congratulatory telegram which was read aloud by Ed Sullivan during the Beatles famous appearance on Sullivan’s weekly show and, a few years later, Presley invited John, Paul, George and Ringo to visit him in his Los Angeles home.  During this historic hang-out, Elvis became annoyed with his guests when, at some point during the afternoon, John Lennon made negative remarks about Presley’s pro-Lyndon Johnson table-lamps.  Lennon was emphatically opposed to LBJ’s Vietnam war policy and Elvis, an ex-serviceman and relatively patriotic American, thought Lennon, a foreigner, was wrong in criticizing the President of the United States… 

john lennon

Elvis, I’m against everything you’re for

The next year, Lennon gave his infamous quote about the Beatles being “Bigger than Jesus” and Elvis, a sometimes religious man, decided that John and his bandmates were bad for America.  As the Hippy-led, counter-culture movement increased toward the end of the 1960’s, Elvis blamed the Beatles for giving birth to a pro-drug/anti-establishment mindset that was, in his opinion, destroying society; Presley sprang into action.  Elvis reached out to J. Edgar Hoover (powerful and feared head of the FBI) and encouraged him to deport John Lennon who was, by this time, living in New York City, commenting, “He should have been thrown out a long time ago”. Later, Presley requested an audience with president Richard Nixon in hopes of being given a special, federal narcotics badge* and, during the meeting, he told Nixon that the Beatles were responsible for the country’s wayward youth saying, “Something needs to be done about it”.  During the next decade, John Lennon found himself under constant surveillance by the FBI, struggled to avoid deportation and was eventually shot and killed.  

Mind your manners and never anger ‘The King’.


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