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THE ELVIS FILES (#003): A little more action

elvis rifle

Elvis needed to defend himself from all the ladies constantly surrounding him

Elvis Presley was a singer, a celebrity and a certified gun nut.  When he died at Graceland in 1977, authorities discovered 37 handguns, one machine gun and an unspecified number of shotguns on the property.  In addition to his own stash Presley outfitted most of his seedy friends (‘The Memphis Mafia’) with personalized .22mm’s and gave President Richard Nixon an engraved, colt 45 as a gift.  Elvis enjoyed busting off a couple shots now and again like the time he famously shot a television set when it had the nerve to broadcast a performance by Robert Goulet which we can all agree is somewhat understandable…




      One night, while preparing backstage for a concert at the international hotel in Las Vegas, Presley received a threatening letter warning that he would be killed if he attempted to perform that particular show.  ‘The king’, already paranoid from his “medication”, was shaken but determined to take the stage but when Elvis went on, he went armed to the teeth.  Presley slipped a .22mm into each of his boots, carried one .9mm in a back-holster beneath his cape and another in a side-holster under his jacket just to be safe.  Elvis began the show and settled into his routine until an audience member loudly uncorked a champagne bottle at their table which Elvis mistook for an assassination attempt.  Defiantly, Elvis drew the .9 millimeter from behind his back and challenged the would-be sniper to emerge and face him like a man but, after some confusion, Presley figured out his mistake and went on with the act.  The crowd took the whole thing for stage comedy and, fortunately, no frothing, middle-aged ladies with horned-rimmed glasses and pink beehives were harmed.

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