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THE ELVIS FILES (#002): Kung Fu, Kung Fu very much

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The emperor’s new clothes

Elvis Presley was introduced to martial arts in the late 1950’s during his 2-year Army stint but, years later, he began taking a real interest in Karate.  While ‘The King’ was an enthusiastic student, he never had the discipline or dedication to officially move up the ranks but, because he was Elvis Presley, no one, not even a sensei, dared to seriously scrutinize his skill and, before long, Elvis became convinced that he was an authentic, black-belt Karate master.  So enthusiastic was Presley about his ability, He even began to incorporate, somewhat comically, kicks and chops into his live performances.  But his greatest Karate exhibition came after a show…

One hot, summer night in south bend, Indiana, a fairly heavy Elvis was leaving a concert in the back of a stretch-limousine when he spotted a robbery in progress at a local gas station. Confident in his fighting skill, Presley ordered his driver to pull over and, when the limo stop, ed, Elvis leaped out of the car sporting a baby-blue, sequined jumpsuit covered in rhinestones, a ruby-encrusted, gold-plated, boxing-style belt and a flowing, silk cape decorated with a large, American eagle.  Elvis locked eyes with the scrawny, knife-wielding teenager before taking his fighting stance (see photo) and aggressively challenging the shocked assailant to a fight to the death.  The would-be, stick-up kid was so entirely dumbfounded by the sight of a sweaty, glimmering Elvis threatening him, he dropped his weapon and ran full-speed into the night.  ‘The King’ climbed back into the limousine more convinced than ever that he was a true Karate champion.

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