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THE ELVIS FILES (#001): Monkey Chauffeur

elvis and scatter

Elvis and his designated driver Scatter

Long before Michael Jackson posed for pictures with ‘Bubbles’, Elvis Presley shared his life with a wily chimpanzee named ‘Scatter’.  ‘The King’ deeply loved the antics of his monkey and constantly employed him for practical joking, often releasing him into a room full of gorgeous and well-groomed young ladies for the simple enjoyment of watching them try not to panic.  But the gag that took the banana is when Presley customized one of his limousines so that it could be driven from the backseat, outfitted Scatter in a limo driver’s suit and cap and placed the chimp at the wheel while Elvis and the ‘Memphis Mafia’ (his sordid group of sycophantic “friends”) sat in the rear behind tinted glass.  The boys drove around for hours at a time, laughing in hysterics at local motorists who stared in shocked disbelief at the sight of a monkey chauffeur.

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