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ROOM TO BREATHE (Chase The Sample Super-Mix)

Wooooooooo, this is fun!  When it comes to music, I love taking a concept as far as it can go, so the ‘Room To Breathe (Chase the Sample Super-Mix)’ is a perfect example of my arguably unhealthy obsession with developing a good theme to its full conclusion.  In the past, it was ‘Meatshake’ or ‘Einstein Buys a Monkey’ but in 2016, I came up with the idea of singling out an element from my song ‘Room To Breathe’ and creating what you might call a sample-chain which links that particular part to a bevy of other Hip-Hop classic like a giant line of falling dominoes.  Of course, you would probably need to be a well-schooled aficionado of Golden Era Rap to really appreciate what is being presented but, even if there’s only eight who care about stuff like this, this is seriously cool.

For my late 80’s/early 90’s people, I challenge you to follow this funk family tree from James Brown to the end of the bloodline and pick out all the different audio-bites to determine why one leads to another; believe me, they’re all connected.  Some bits sampled the bit heard right before while other clips share a common sample ancestor with the following clip; see how this works?  The first three people who can give me a complete list of all the samples that play from 0:22 to 3:30 and explain the chain will receive a signed ‘Room To Breathe’ 7″ single which I’ll personally mail to their home along with enough cash to buy a snack.   

I’ll get you started:

Jame’s Brown’s ‘Blind Man Can See It’ was sampled by Das EFX on ‘They want EFX’ which sampled EPMD’s ‘Underground’ which sampled Grover Washington’s ‘Hydra’ which was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest on ‘Check The Rhime’ which sampled Biz Markie’s ‘Nobody Beats The Biz’ which sampled Steve Miller’s ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ which was sampled by EPMD’s ‘You’re A Customer’…get the picture?

Here’s the link to download this track: https://uglyduckling.bandcamp.com/track/room-to-breathe-chase-the-sample-super-mix



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  2. ezra roan

    Oh shiz. Can’t wait to give this a go! I better get me a turkey jerky meat shake and get going.

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