" music is perfect, you could go back to Beethoven and s***, but as far as this lifetime, though, this is all you got." -Kanye West Since the Second Industrial Age began in the late 19th century, human civilization has been continuously shaped and reshaped by notable advancements in technology. With every relevant invention or improved method of production, merchants scurried for the latest competitive edge while their customers rushed the market in search of Read more

ROOM TO BREATHE (Chase The Sample Super-Mix)

Wooooooooo, this is fun!  When it comes to music, I love taking a concept as far as it can go, so the 'Room To Breathe (Chase the Sample Super-Mix)' is a perfect example of my arguably unhealthy obsession with developing a good theme to its full conclusion.  In the past, it was 'Meatshake' or 'Einstein Buys a Monkey' but in 2016, I came up with the idea of singling out an element from my Read more


I am very pleased to announce that Unique Records will be releasing my first ever solo album 'ROOM TO BREATHE-The Free LP'.  This record contains ten, high-velocity, Hip-Hop tracks for listeners who enjoy intricate, action-packed rhyming skill showcased over fresh loops and funky drums.  Lyrically, I pushed myself as far as I could go with regard to style, pace and feel and the result, in my untrustworthy opinion, is a seriously cool collection of Read more


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"Hello, Police? Someone stole my trousers!"

“Hello, Police? Someone stole my trousers!”

During the mid-1970’s, Welsh Pop vocalist/Chippendale’s dancer Tom Jones had become so financially successful that he, like many British music celebrities, fled the United Kingdom to avoid a taxation system which deducted up to 98% of all unearned income (recording/publishing royalties) over 20,000 pounds ($70,000 in today’s money); yikes!  While Ringo Starr relocated to Monaco, David Bowie headed for Switzerland and The Rolling Stones exiled in France, Jones went west and settled, like ‘The Fresh Prince’, in upscale Bel Air, California (‘Harold Wilson was up to no good/started taking taxes in my neighborhood’) where he would go on to powerfully impact a young, Carlton banks.  But that’s a different story… Read more

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