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About This Site



A year or so ago, my wife was beginning to grow tired of my endless diatribes about the history of popular music and its effects on our civilization so, hoping to redirect my ramblings, she convinced me to start posting some of these stories on ‘Facebook’.  I took her advice and, before long, I really began to love sharing bits of the knowledge, lore, innuendo and general fabrications I’d crammed into my brain from years of music documentaries, artist biographies and internet “research”.  Eventually, I became so enthusiastic about the process that I decided it would be better to develop a format with more freedom and flexibility, so ‘Ear to the Track’ was born.

While I would like to believe that I’m a reasonably intelligent human being, I am certainly no music scholar or sociological expert so, with your help, it is my sincere hope that ‘Ear to the Track’ will be a continuing opportunity for me to learn.  Please feel free to contact me with your criticisms, corrections and additional information that you may have on any particular subject I’m taking on because, in the end, I am endlessly interested about almost anything to do with music, even opinions with which i totally disagree.  I’ll be waiting for your thoughts at ‘info@eartothetrack.net’, be sure to let me know when the train is coming!